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Best eye specialist in pune|Best squint specialist in pune

ASG Eye hospital is one of the best eye hospitals in Pune. Best retina specialist in Pune, eye specialist, squint specialist, a cornea specialist, glaucoma specialist, Best Lasik surgery, cataract surgery, best hospital for laser eye surgery in Pune at Best cost

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Radar Images Claim Pakistan did Lose its F-16 in the Aerial Dogfight

Radar images that deny Pakistan’s claim of not losing F-16 fighter jet during the dogfight on February 27 have been released by Indian Air Force recently. If IAF is to be believed, there are many credible evidences available which aid in establishing the fact that Pakistan Air Force indeed lost their US-manufactured F-16 during the air action. The officials also claim that the Air Force owns proof in the form of the radio-telephony intercepts of the strike package of F-16 and the ground wireless intercepts as well.

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Best source for getting daily Odia news- Mo Odisha

Mo Odisha is a news portal which features unbiased and latest daily Odia news. Within a couple of years, it can bring millions of curious readers to its fold. The best trait of Mo Odisha news site is it focuses on covering the trending news happening around you.

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Users, Rejoice! TikTok Ban Has Been Lifted

After much speculations and mixed responses, Madras High Court has finally lifted the interim ban on the video app TikTok which has over 54 million users all across India. However, it has stated its conditions under which if TikTok fail to curb the uploading of pornographic content, court proceedings would start again. The case was filed by Advocate Muthukumar and on 3rd of April; Madras High Court passed directions to the centre for banning the download of the video app all over India due to issues regarding its “pornographic” videos. Following this, TikTok got blocked from Google Play Store as well as Apple’s App Store since 18th of April.

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